Orientation on Safe Migration Intensified in the Indigenous People’s Villages in Maguindanao Province!

Two hundred forty-one (241) village members in six (6) villages of South Upi town of Maguindanao province benefit from the Village Orientation on Safe Migration Practices conducted by Kaagapay OFW Resource and Service Center, Inc. in partnership with Caritas Germany.

The villages of Kigan, Kuya, Looy, Lamud, Romongaob & Pandan which predominantly host Teduray-Lambangian tribe of indigenous people were reached by the said orientation in coordination with their respective barangay local government units.

The orientation mainly focused on providing the village members the right information on the current trends of Philippine labor migration, common rights violations perpetrated to overseas Filipino workers (OFWs), illegal recruitment acts as provided by the Philippine laws and the role of the villages and village leaders in protecting and promoting the rights of OFWs and families who are part of their constituency.

The orientation also serves as an opportunity in reaching out the families of distressed overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) who are in need of legal and psychosocial assistance. The most common issues raised during open forum and discussions are: financial abandonment, house-to-house recruitment activities, assumed identity & excessive collection of fees.